About Christian Huot

Christian Huot

Since 2006, enterprising young businessman Christian Huot has studied at one of the most prestigious schools in the world as well as collected a range of international experience. Currently, Mr. Huot holds the position of Senior Executive with Huotraco, a holding company for the Huot Family Group of Businesses. At Huotraco, Christian Huot is responsible for forming and executing a long-term strategy that will allow the company to continue its profitability. He manages mergers and acquisitions that fit the group’s profile and administers a wide range of Huotraco’s important commercial agreements.

As a Senior Executive overseeing the family’s real estate portfolio, Christian Huot is in charge of the sale and leasing of roughly 600,000 square feet of property in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and in Hong Kong. Mr. Huot also serves as a Senior Executive for First Investment Specialized Bank, for which he implements business strategies and ensures adherence to the regulations set by the National Bank of Cambodia. He recently supervised the exit plan for Telcotech, a fiber backbone and core transmission company that connects to the Asia America Gateway. Before joining his family business, Mr. Huot served as an oil and gas analyst for Dresdner Kleinwort and Bank of America Corporation.

Mr. Huot is an avid tennis player. Dedicated to helping others, he helped coach and raised money for the wheelchair tennis program of the United States Tennis Association New England. An enthusiastic skydiver, Mr. Huot has completed more than 150 jumps. Fluent in French and conversant in Korean, he also has a basic understanding of Cantonese, Spanish, and German. Prior to going into business, Christian Huot attended the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, where he earned his Bachelor of Science with First Class Honors in Experimental Psychology. In 2011, he completed a Master of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.


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